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Alpine Driving School

Driving Classes & Road Tests in Dumont, New Jersey

Serving Bergen, Passaic, Morris and Essex Counties

Improve your skills as a new driver with Alpine Driving School in Dumont, New Jersey, that provides comprehensive driving classes and driving road tests. This is the best driver's education program in the area.
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Our Program for 16 Year Olds
Turning 16 is exciting for anyone. Learn how to drive by coming to us for affordable and personalized driving lessons. We offer behind-the-wheel training for 6 hours (3 different days, 2 hours each). Some of the skills you'll learn include:
  • Steering the Car
  • Using the Hand Brake
  • Using the Signals
  • Using the Mirrors
  • Understanding Blind Spots
  • Making Good Turns
  • Applying the Gas
  • Proper Braking
Learning to Drive
Patience is important when you're learning how to drive and so is obeying the speed limit. Alpine Driving School provides safe driving instruction by teaching you to always look straight ahead. At the same time, we help you stay alert and aware at all times. The idea is to stay focused and never take anything for granted. This is why we cover defensive driving techniques in our course.

For instance, when making a left turn, you should allow the car coming to go by. During the first lesson, you'll drive on side streets and parking lots to develop your driving skills. For the second lesson, we take you out on busier roads to practice turns.
The Third Lesson
For the third lesson, you'll drive on the highway for about 45 minutes to practice lane changes. Then, we go to a parking lot and set up our cones to teach you how to parallel park and perform k-turns (u-turns). We also let you practice backing up and curbside parking.

When you're finished, we validate the permit and schedule a road test date. Then, when you turn 17, you are fully equipped to get your license.
Contact us when you're tired of putting off taking the driver's test and need professional instruction.